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Unfriendly people?

In a friendliness test, a woman dropped her papers in front of two men chatting in Milnerton. But instead of rushing to help the woman who was picking up the documents on hands and knees, one of the men actually kicked away one of the dropped papers.

Milnerton people in the news
Xolani Sadina & Nkosikhaya Mfundisi
Dec 2006

Two cousins from Milnerton, Xolani Sadina and Nkosikhaya Mfundisi crashed Nkosikhaya's father's white Mercedes-Benz 230 Kompressor into the Black River.

Deena Naidoo
14 October 2006

"At times, cash protection guards are mercilessly murdered. Some happen to be loving fathers, husbands, sons, brothers and uncles. Do you uncivilised barbarians even think of the pain and sufferings you'll cause, just for the greed of money?" Deena Naidoo from Milnerton.

Deena Naido
11 October 2006

"I called the police on my cellphone, got through to radio control, gave them the information that they asked for, but I am still waiting? for a police vehicle to attend?. This is not the first incident.So what do residents like myself do – turn a blind eye to crime due to lack of police interest? At the end of the day, crime prevails due to lack of police attendance when vital information is given, and this when they, the police, ask for public participation." Deena Naido, Summer Greens

Mary-Anne Hale (51)
Charlene Nieuwhoudt (40)
5 October 2006

"TWO women from Milnerton were arrested at the Paarl Mall last week for allegedly stealing thousands of rands worth of goods from Dis-Chem pharmacies. The two women had been previously caught on security cameras at other shopping malls such as Tyger Valley and the Somerset Mall, were it is suspected that they also may have pocketed goods. Dis-Chem had warned their other stores to be on the look-out for the well-dressed women, On Sunday an alert member of staff at Dis-Chem in Paarl Mall noticed two women acting suspiciously. The women were rrested by the police with perfume worth R4400 on them. Mary-Anne Hale (51) and Charlene Nieuwhoudt (40) appeared in court."

Daphné Dell
4 October 2006

“No arrests were made, but we did find dagga hidden on the school premises... We have high heroin and tik cases coming from Summer Greens. Sandrift and Brooklyn also have cases these drugs. We find that the majority of users are very young, from 12 years old to 25 years old. We visit schools and give people pamphlets on the danger of drug use.” Inspector Daphné Dell, of Milnerton police, speaking about a raid on a Milnerton school in September 2006.

Terry Crawford-Browne
14 Sep 2006

"It is an appalling contradiction - both of the abolition of slavery and South Africa's transition to democracy - that the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) 2006 arms bazaar is scheduled to be held from September 20 to 24 at Ysterplaat Air Force Base. The sole purpose of this event is to supply armaments to kill people. Our African continent is being devastated by the obscene consequences of an out-of-control armaments industry. One week before the opening of AAD 2006, it would be appropriate for the city council to revoke whatever licence it has issued. it should cancel AAD 2006 and send the merchants of death packing as being unwelcome in Cape Town."

Desmond Tutu
10 Sep 2006

Being a nation's conscience is not a comfortable job and in recent years Tutu has annoyed and angered many, from white South Africans and President Thabo Mbeki to Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and even Mandela himself. Now, sitting in his characteristically modest office in Cape Town's working-class Milnerton district, he is happy to do it again. Keenly aware it will throw fuel on an already raging controversy, Tutu repeats a demand he made in a recent lecture, urging former deputy president Jacob Zuma to abandon his campaign to become the next leader of the African National Congress, and eventually President. 'I pray that someone will be able to counsel him that the most dignified, most selfless thing, the best thing he could do for a land he loves deeply, is to declare his decision not to take further part in the succession race of his party,' says Tutu.

Tony Yengeni

On the 21st August 2006, the news broke that Yengeni would be going to prison for fraud, and journalists have camped outside his upmarket Milnerton home (Yengeni has already spent 4 years behind bars in the 1980s on charges of terrorism). A presidential decision could lighten his sentence - in May 2005, president Thabo Mbeki gave all prisoners serving time for non-violent crimes a 20-month amnesty. By law Yengeni could be released under correctional supervision after eight months, but with the amnesty, his term is cut down even further to just over 4 months. This means he could be home by January 2007.

On Wednesday 17th May 2006 the former ANC chief whip, Tony Yengeni, had his bail extended and was ordered by Judges Eberhardt Bertelsmann and Ferdi Preller to report to the Milnerton police station in Cape Town on Tuesdays and Fridays between 6am and 6pm, pending his appeal. Should his application to appeal be unsuccessful, Yengeni will have to report at the Pollsmoor Prison in Cape Town within 72 hours to start serving his sentence.

In 2005, the court refused Yengeni's application to set aside the magistrate's court proceeding, which saw him pleading guilty to fraud. He admitted he deliberately failed to disclose to Parliament that he had received a 48% discount on a luxury 4x4 Mercedes Benz from a potential weapons supplier. Yengeni was the chairperson of the Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Defence at the time.

Sean Stockdale

Cape businessmen appear in wine fraud case

Lisa Schronen

In June 2006, Lisa Schronen, 15, of Milnerton High School, became the 35th victim at the school to be robbed of her cellphone in the past 18 months. "I had just crossed Racecourse Road and was walking past the Paddocks (shopping mall) when a guy wearing a red top came up to me and grabbed my arm," said Lisa. "At first, I held on to my phone and screamed, but he twisted my arm harder until I had to let the phone go," she said.

Robyn Henderson & Jo-Anne Hay

Favourites for the Gouda-to-Bridgetown canoe race

Dina Rodrigues

On the 15th June 2005 the baby Jordan Leigh Norton was killed in her Lansdowne home. The State alleges that Dina Rodrigues, from Milnerton, hired her four co-accused to pose as deliverymen to gain access to the baby's Lansdowne home on June 15 last year, and to kill her. Rodrigues and her 4 co-accused; Sipho Mfazwe, Mongezi Bobotyane, Zanethemba Gwada and a 16-year-old - they have all pleaded not guilty to charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, aggravated theft and illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.

In 2005, while out on bail, Rodrigues was confined to her home in Milnerton. However, Rodrigues's bail was cancelled because she allegedly sent threatening SMSes to her ex-boyfriend Neil Wilson, Jordan's biological father. Rodrigues is now confined in Pollsmoor prison.

Judge Basheer Waglay is presiding over the matter.
John van der Berg is the advocate for Dina Rodrigues.
Nicolette Bell is State advocate.



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